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Oxford Beef Recipe

The Classic Oxford Beef Recipe is one of my all-time favorites. This is a truly delicious meal for the whole family to enjoy or if you have guests as it is very simple and won’t take up much of your time once you get all the recipe ingredients for Oxford Beef on the go.

The ingredients here for the Oxford Beef are for 4-6 people.

Boiled Steak 3lb

1.5 o flour

2oz drip

Salt and pepper powder

8oz peeled and sliced ​​onions (1 large or 2 medium onions)

2 garlic gloves

4oz mushrooms, cleaned and sliced

1 green bell pepper, sliced

2 tbsp apricot jam

1/2 liter of red wine

1/2 beef broth

Cooking time 2-2.5 hours

1. Cut the meat into pieces, put in a plastic bag or intestine with flour and stir until coated

2. Melt the drippings in a frying pan and fry the meat quickly until it turns brown

3. Add all the remaining ingredients, including the remaining flour, take it to the intestines

4. Cover and simmer for 2 – 2.5 hours or until tender.

5. Make sure you stir occasionally.

Oxford Beef Variations Include:

New Potatoes – For a little filling for an Oxford Beef dish, why not add a few pieces of fresh potatoes to the pot after about half an hour. Make sure you keep an eye on the stoke level as you may need extra as it starts to decrease.

Sultana’s – If you like sweets you can add a handful of salt after about half an hour, just make sure you buy a good quality one as it contains more juice.

Mushrooms – With the Oxford Beef Recipe it is not specified what mushrooms to use. Chestnut is probably the best but you can try others (Oyster, Shittake). If you use chestnut mushrooms, keep them whole as they decrease in size a lot after cooking and it makes the dish thicker.

Beef Broth – To make this dish special, you can buy quality ready made beef broth which is available in all supermarkets now. This will give the dish more of an edge and will add flavor that makes it richer.

Beef Steak – Why not try braising the whole beef steak (one for each person) instead of chopping it into smaller pieces. This may cost a little extra, but it’s best if you have guests.

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