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Quick Healthy Recipes: Dress Up Old Standby

Caring for our families and others includes finding ways to provide them with good, nutritious food and that can be a challenge. What should you do when they will only eat vegetables they have been familiar with since childhood: green beans, peas, corn, and potatoes? Green beans are often cooked in meat oil and loaded with chunks of meat. The peas and potatoes may have been swimming in the rich, creamy white sauce and butter. Get rid of the sauce and you’ll end up with an ordinary dish that can get old quickly.

Let’s face it, vegetables from a can night after night can be pretty boring and not very nutritious. Personally, I prefer frozen or fresh vegetables; However, time and budget constraints often draw me to the pantry to pick up canned vegetables to heat up quickly for dinner. Here are some ways to dress plain vegetables without adding a lot of calories and fat.


Drain and rinse two cans of green beans; stir in a can of chopped Italian tomatoes; heat well and serve.

Now that’s easy, right? Experiment with other additions and you’ll be surprised at how a can of plain green beans will look more appealing and taste great.

For a more festive meal; Try replacing the traditional calorie-laden green bean casserole with this recipe.


Drain two cans of green beans, rinse, and heat in a skillet with a little olive oil. Season to taste — experiment with basil, fennel or other herbs.

Cut the skin from eight slices of whole wheat bread, grease with a little butter. Gently push the center of the bread slices into the muffin tin. This will form a pocket with four corners sticking out. Bake briefly in the oven. Take a few tablespoons of warm green beans and sprinkle with ground cloves, sliced ​​almonds, chopped onions, a sprinkling of grated or Parmesan cheese, or a dollop of sour cream.

Many housewives plan their meals around what’s on the market in their sales ads this week. Often you can even find low-sodium and low-sugar items on sale as well. When you do, stock up on them. Otherwise, most vegetables can be rinsed before heating or added to recipes without losing flavor. The key is to find nutritious foods that you will actually eat.

Bottom line: be brave, experiment. Do all you can to make mealtime a special time with your family as you enjoy the gifts God has provided. Let me hear from you with your ideas. Enjoy!

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