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The Dancing Gourmet: A Ballerina’s Healthy Recipe for Fitness

Linda Hymes shares a full repertoire of delicious and healthy recipes suitable for dancers and non-dancers alike in The Dancing Gourmet: A Recipe To Keep You On Your Mind. Heck, this is a recipe to keep you in shape. Hymes knows the secret to preparing mouth-watering dishes that won’t add to your waistline – she trained at New York City’s prestigious School of American Ballet before becoming a professional ballerina for fifteen years. After retiring, he pursued his greatest passion – food – and attended the world-famous Le Cordon Bleu in London.

Gourmet Dancing is the perfect blend of gourmet food and elegant aesthetics. Anyone who loves ballet or who wants to look like a dancer by eating right will enjoy the mouth-watering and colorful photos of food and Hymes during some of her best dancing moments—both of which seem instantly eye-catching.

The Dancing Gourmet is peppered with humor throughout: recipes are categorized by ballet foot position, from first position (appetizers and small plates) to fifth (appetizer). The final section involves a prerequisite visit to the Land Of the Sweets (a reference to the much-loved Nutcracker second act) which shouldn’t exist without a ballet career or a gourmet dining experience.

Eating right doesn’t have to be a punishment. In fact, it can be a lot of fun. Choice of salads from the third category (not just rabbit food!, according to Hymes) such as grilled chicken salad with spicy blackberry dressing, Thai eggplant salad with pickled garlic, and sole and salmon twirls with an interesting maple glaze, or banana curry balls with masoor daal. and cold sesame buckwheat with tofu for vegetarian people. Top it all off with a cup of freshly brewed chai and a slice of pavlova cake. brave!

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